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✔ Backlog

Track and prioritize all work required to complete a project in one place. Organize stories into iterations.

✔ Kanban

See what everyone on your team is doing at a glance. Know which stories are To Do, In Progress, and Done.

✔ Burndown Charts

Use the Iteration and Release Burndown charts to watch as remaining work burns down over time.

✔ Time Tracking

Know how long you are spending on each story/task. Be warned when you go over your original estimate.

✔ Agile Estimation

Estimate the amount of work to complete a story using points, Fibonacci numbers, shirt sizes, or coffee cup sizes. Track the velocity of your team.

✔ Acceptance Criteria

Create a checklist of requirements for a story to be done. Ensure that all story requirements are met.

✔ Epics and Releases

Perform release planning by grouping stories into epics and epics into releases.

✔ Scheduled Reports

Automatically email reports to your entire team and additional project stakeholders.

✔ Stories by Email

Create new stories — feature requests, bugs, and change requests — directly from your email inbox.

✔ Dropbox Integration

Connect your project to Dropbox and attach files to stories and epics.

✔ Import/Export

Import and export stories from CSV or Microsoft Excel. Export a filtered subset of your stories.

✔ Public Roadmap

Get public feedback on your project roadmap. Enable members of the public to vote on your feature plans.

✔ Agile Dashboard

View Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your Agile projects.

✔ Agile Portfolio Management

Create a portfolio of projects and generate cross-project reports.

✔ Agile Release Planning

Create a high-level roadmap of your release plan and ensure that you have the resources to implement it.


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